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May 20, 2012


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Hi Zharlie - your email was good. We are packing up to go camping - with fishing rods and snake catching gear. I am so excited - can't wait its going to be awesome!!


Yeah, did you like my email? I'm glad you said we have a common interest, because we do. Zharlie.

Kakadu Kid

Hey Brod, that sounds awesome my Mum just sold her car so I haven't been going fishing as much as usual. You are welcome any time. Cam.

brod crighton

Hi Campbell. Love your work. Hope if I get to the top end you might take me fishing. Brod (Wollongong)

Kakadu Kid

Cool the trick is to jerk the lure every few seconds...and nah you get used to doing brave things after a while of learning what to do. KK


hey cam i love fishing like you do its fun just to try and you must be brave doing all that stuffe from ali



Kakadu Kid

Hi Zharlie, yeah the project should be fun and I'm glad you like my art - took me ages. from Cam

Kakadu Kid

Hi Jared no I wasn't scared,those snakes don't have venom. File snakes are placid and sort of sleepy snakes - but I don't recommend covering yourselfe in snakes.
from Cam


hi my name is jared was you scared when you seen the snakes


i can't wait to do the project with you!! :)


Hey Kakadukid, I really love your art it is amazing..

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