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March 12, 2012


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Kakadu Kid

Sounds awesome, how many days do you get off school? Oh and keep an eye out for thorny devils around Uluru...if you see one send me a picture. Thanks.

Jacob Yeo

Hi Campbell, these holidays we are going to uluru, alice sprigs, camerons corner and all those places. we are heaps excited and we get time off school.
From Jacob and Luke

Kakadu Kid

Hey Mel, thanks for commenting and thanks for the present - I will see you at school tomorrow. Love KK

Kakadu Kid

Hi Joan - it seems like so long since I have been in preschool, so many things have changed. Kakadu is good - I have made tons of friends and tonight we are going night fishing for my birthday. Thanks for commenting, it's great to hear from you - how is the preschool going? KK

Kakadu Kid

Thanks Nicole - centipedes are poisonous I was just holding it by the head so it couldn't bite me. KK

Nicole Wosinski

Wow Cam!! What an amazing blog. Everything looks so professional and the photos are great. I like the file snakes all over you- gave me goose bumps and the centipede- i thought they were poisonous?

Great job, keep up the great stories! Nicole

Melanie Trenow

Hey Cam,
Your blog is awesome! Your mum is also extremely awesome for helping you set it up! Happy birthday for today. Maya and I have a present for you that could help with your animal tracking...
Keep up the interesting posts!

Elizabeth Martin

Hi Cam,
Congratulations on joining the online family of bloggers! Your site is very informative and the photos are great, they tell a fantastic story about all the things you are getting up to in Kakadu.
Keep up the good work,
Liz and Chris from Perth

Joan Bridgham

Hi Cam
It was great to see your photo and see how much you have grown.I can just see you looking after all the animals and wild life.Hullo to Fiona and what a wonderful web page.From Joan at Gumnut Community Preschool


Hi Raine, whats your new house like? I hope its everything you have ever wanted. Are there animals around your house?? My brother is not that great! from KK


Hey Fab thanks for your comment - it's good to hear from you and I heard you might be coming up again....that sounds really exciting. I have a ton of awesome things that we could do. from KK


Thanks Jacob - I am still figuring out how to run this blog properly but will keep posting stories. You can send a link to your friends...from KK


Jasper has settled down and is now more of a couch potato and he hasn't come out of his little house for a week. Thanks for your comment--- KK

Jean Mercier

Hello Cam,
Nice to see your lizards, and especially the one who walked over the keyboard of my computer. Enjoy your life in Kakadu.

Jacob Yeo

Hi Campbell those file snakes are so cool and I think your website is awesome. I have saved your website to my favourites and I will be reading all of your information.

From Jacob Yeo.

Fabio Zudich

Hey Cam, great to learn of your adventures in Kakadu and especially great to know that you are enjoying and learning so much yourself. Keep going the way you are and you will get a good job that you will love in Kakadu or other national parks interstate and even overseas! You could become another Steve Irwin or David Attenborough! Imagine being a member of a field research team in amazing places like the Galapagos Islands, rearching some aspect of the marine iguanas; searching for ways to increase the populations of the endangered Tuatara lizard of New Zealand; improving sea snake anti-venom on the Great Barrier Reef or helping local villagers protect themselves against Komodo Dragon attacks in Indonesia. You go boy! Hugs from your Fab.


Hi Cam.... I am delighted to recieve ongoing information about your adventures because as you know over here we don't get to experience what you do over there, and it brings a bit of the wildness into my life. So thank you for being who you anre and loving what you do and having such a great Mum to support you with the fab site and the best brother.
Go Kakadu Kid love Raine xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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